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5 ways to get active post pregnancy

5 ways to get active post pregnancy

Keeping active is surprisingly easier post birth. There are a number of various day-to-day activities you can engage in as part of your day-to-day routine, to help promote a happy, healthy lifestyle.



Go for longer walks with baby. Once the baby is fed and changed, place them into a stroller and go for a walk. Walking with a stroller helps to engage muscles and strengthen your weakened core. The fresh air will do you and baby good too!



If you are up for the challenge, you can purchase wonderful strollers that are designed specifically to travel over rough terrain or run with. Make sure you do your research and invest in a stroller you can use for years to come. As your baby gets older they will get heavier, resulting in an amazing work out.


Baby wearing

Carrying your baby is both beneficial to you and baby. A good carrier will provide you with the necessary back and lumbar support that will allow you to carry the baby for longer periods.

Activities such as basic housework i.e. vacuuming will help to raise your heart rate and the added weight from carrying baby will give you a work out too.


Playing games

Whilst baby is still small and unable to move around, engaging in exercises such as push-ups over baby, sit ups or arm raises while holding the baby is a fun game for both Mom and bub. These types of exercises will increase your heart rate and help to strengthen your body.


Join a gym class

Many gyms are now holding active classes designed for Mom and Baby. Contact your local gym to find out what classes are available. This is a fantastic way to meet new moms and get fit at the same time.


No matter what form of exercise you choose, you should always wear a supportive nursing bra.

Your breast size will determine just how much support you need. Generally a larger bust will need a more rigid supportive product.


Cake Lingerie has developed a couple of maternity & nursing bras that are ideal for use while pregnant and or breastfeeding.

Lemon and Orange Zest nursing sports bras are highly constructed and are ideal for medium to high impact exercise. They are available in sizes 32B-40K(US).

Our Lotus yoga & pumping bra is made from a stretch fabrication and is ideal for low impact exercise and will fit sizes XS-XL.


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