Why do I need a maternity bra


Your breasts will change over the period of your pregnancy, and these will vary by woman, size and pregnancy.


It is important to be wearing an appropriate maternity bra that offers unrestricted comfort and support. Your regular bra will probably won’t fit, as your size will most definitely change after you conceive. The wires could dig in, the top cup cut be cutting across your breast tissue and your bra may not support anymore, causing unwanted pressure.



Why do I need a nursing bra


Your bra size can increase by 2-3 cup sizes. It is imperative that you are wearing a stretchy, supportive and comfortable bra during the 1st 3-4 weeks.


After 4 weeks is when your milk will start to regulate itself, with your babies feeding amount and patterns. A structured, well- designed nursing bra will allow for these fluctuations to make sure that you are supported, comfortable and able to easily feed your baby too.



How many nursing bras will I need


It all depends on how much you feed and how often you wash them, what your activities are during the day and how many you would like. We suggest 3 for your breast feeding so that you can be wearing one, have one in the wash and one on the line.

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