T-shirt Nursing Bras

T-shirt maternity and nursing spacer bras are ideal for everyday wear. With smooth profile cups made from spacer foam which warms to the heat of the body and will mould to your bust providing a nice t-shirt bra shape without the bulkiness of foam.

T-Shirt maternity and nursing bras are designed to mimic the ideal rounded, uplifted shape and are the perfect choice for wearing under a T-shirt. This essential maternity and nursing bra style provides versatility and a smooth profile under outerwear. T-shirt nursing bras with foam cups will also provide added support and good shape.

T-Shirt maternity and nursing bras made from spacer foam are essentially made up from a unified piece of foam that heat and pressure moulded to provide shape, depth and coverage. This type of bra is particularly useful as the inner layers draws the heat via the permeable made layer and pushes it out to keep the body cooler and regulated. In a pregnant or nursing woman, where the body temperature is higher, spacer t-shirt nursing bras will provide much needed relief.