Petite Nursing Bras (B-F)

petite nursing bras

Even when you’re smaller busted, it’s important to wear correctly fitting petite nursing bras, which provide support, comfort and easy breastfeeding access. We have something for every mama with our range of wire-free, seamless and flexi-wire styles.

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Petite Nursing Bras (B-F)

Finding the perfect petite nursing bra is so important, even if you’re not busty. Breastfeeding breasts are much denser and heavier than non-breastfeeding breasts of the same time. As a result it’s important to prioritise fit and support to ensure you’re not doing any damage to your ligaments.

We have something for every petite nursing mama, ranging from our luxurious and lacy flexi-wire nursing bras, multi-purpose pumping and nursing bras to our super comfy eco-friendly sleep bras and seamlessly knitted crops.