Pregnancy bras

Our range of pregnancy bras accommodate all the changes you’ll experience from conception through to birth. Your milk ducts begin to develop as early as your first trimester, so it’s common to feel fuller, heavier and experience ribcage expansion later in pregnancy.

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Features & Benefits
Breasts undergo a multitude of changes throughout pregnancy. One of the first signs someone is pregnant is sudden growth, tenderness and itchiness. During this time it’s best to wear pregnancy bras that are seamless and multi-cup fitting in order to support you throughout your growth.

Once you reach the second and third trimesters, the majority of growth happens through your ribcage as baby grows. You can wear flexi-wire and cup fitting pregnancy bras during this time, but it’s important to ensure they’re properly fitted so there’s no restriction.

When to Wear Pregnancy Bras
The best time to start wearing pregnancy bras is as soon as you conceive. Breast health is incredibly important during pregnancy, and the best way to ensure this is to wear comfortable bras which provide the support you need.